Our Vision

At Horizon we are striving towards creating advanced automation systems using IOT and our artificial intelligence engine(H.A.R.I.S). We are focussed towards constant innovation and advancement in automation that helps manufacturing industries reduce the use of manpower and optimization of energy usage. Our vision is to create an eco-system of advanced control and automation solutions that uses H.A.R.I.S as the backbone to constantly improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Our Technology


Our sensor system collects real-time data from the environment it is installed in and feeds data back to the AI system.

Our AI learns and understands how the facility is being used and automates the facility using the control modules to constantly optimize energy usage and reduce manpower.

The control Module receives information from the AI and delivers the necessary control to optimize the use of energy and manpower

The nebula UI helps the end user interact with the system and get the best possible experience in managing the facility.

Our Clients and Partners

Awards and Recognition:

Most innovative company in Waterloo :

Awarded by Chagger Bardish, Federal Minister for Small Business and Tourism

Recognized for energy efficient and advanced AI technology:

by His Highness David Johnson Governor General of Canada


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